Piled pontoons are designed with strength and durability in mind to give maximum security for large vessels berthed in all weather conditions. Piles can be made from steel, concrete, timber or composite materials to ensure a solid connection to the seabed. Piles are sunk into the seabed with a piling barge.

Spun Concrete piles are durable and suitable in shallow waters with good soil conditions. In deeper water or where the seabed is rocky, then steel is used. Steelpiles are sleeved with an airtight HDPE sleeve to reduce corrosion.

Once the piles are installed they are connected to the pontoon with pile brackets. These specially designed brackets are rolled in a strong circular design that allows rollers or blocks to slide up the piles freely while the pontoon floats in position through different tide heights. Through the use of special hinges, the pontoons can be joined together to achieve any length required. The gangway access here is independent of the pontoon and simply sits on top and rotates according to an arc based upon the height of the tide.

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